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Increase your confidence and get rid of self doubts

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Setting goals and planning your future is great of course but what happens if you start second guessing whether you are making the right choices in life? Do you suffer with self-doubts and anxieties as to whether you have it […]

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Emulate a role model

Find someone who is already living and producing results at a level you admire and aspire towards. They could be an author, speaker, actor, blogger, professor it doesn’t really matter. The key is to study these people. Read books or articles they have written a number of times. Study their mannerisms when they speak or […]

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Motivation Means Success

Did you see the Beijing Olympics, the World Cup Soccer or Wimbledon this year? Rarely are we privileged to witness such triumph and human spirit at its absolute best. How did all those athletes get motivated, especially the gold medalists and the winners? Was it the thought of the gold medal itself that kept them […]

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The Best Way To Set Attainable Goals

Goals are powerful tools that one can use to excel in life both socially and economically.

They can lead to progression both in your profession and your day to day life in general.

Consider reviewing your goals from time to time so that you do not lose focus and you are on track to attaining your goals.

Also as priorities change consider also changing your goals so that they blend well with the major priorities of your life.

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Do you say you when you mean I?

How often do you use “you” when you mean “I”? I’m intrigued when I hear the famous interviewed. They’ll happily talk about their latest movie, or the publication date of their next bestseller. But as soon as the interviewer puts them under scrutiny about the juicy stuff, they switch from “I” to “you”. “Is it […]

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The Best Way To Deal With Critism

Almost every day either we or someone we love experience this frustration. Faced with being misunderstood we respond.

Criticism is an attack on our self esteem and our defensive attitude is the way we try to protect our self from a painful experience.

Don’t dwell on the criticism but move on. Your value is not determined by one piece of criticism.

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Negative Motivation

Negative motivation is power

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